The Advantages of Dimmer Switches

Lights are one of the most significant pieces of your home. Making sure each room of your house is properly lit can be a big project (and expense!). Many homeowners are opting for dimmer switches for the versatility and other advantages they offer. If you’ve been considering whether or not dimmer switches would be right for you, read more about their benefits below.

Dimmer Switch Benefits

1. Energy Savings

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages that dimmers provide. Dimmers can notably reduce your energy consumption and subsequent costs because you have greater control over how much electricity you use. With a traditional light switch, the only settings are on and off, meaning you are either using 0% electricity or 100%. With a dimmer, you have an entire spectrum of settings in between.

Being able to decrease the amount of light you use inevitably results in lower energy bills. Install dimmers in the rooms you use the most like the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms; this will allow you to take advantage of the greatest savings possible. Using energy efficient light bulbs will even further increase your energy conservation. In addition to saving energy in your own home, you are also contributing to the world’s energy savings and providing some relief to the environment.

2. Greater Lifespan of Light Bulbs

Using dimmers adds longevity to your light bulbs. Full lighting will work bulbs to their highest point of energy exertion. Dimmers provide some flexibility to the amount of electricity you use in your lamps and light fixtures. Obviously, the softer the light, the longer your light bulbs will last. You can get an extra 3 or 4 years of usage out of your light bulbs by using a dimmer. Even dimming the lights by 25% can result in substantial savings and even make your light bulb last 4 times longer!

3. Adjustable Ambience

Some lights are not suitable for every room or occasion. Dimmers can give a room a warmer or softer look if desired. Installing adjustable dimmer switches lets the homeowner more accurately set the tone of a room. It also can improve the room’s functionality. For instance, you may prefer darker lighting for watching a movie but still want the option of full brightness in that room if you’re reading later. Being able to do this through your light switch is much more convenient than having to buy many different lamps to have the same versatility. Some homeowners even say the dimmer helps them fall asleep because they are able to gradually make the room darker and ease themselves into a relaxed state.

Light control dimmer switches are a valuable asset to your home and are relatively easy to install. They are typically small enough to fit into a regulation wall box designed for a normal light switch, and a qualified electrician should have no problem doing this work for you.

If you have questions about how to have dimmer switches installed in your San Antonio or surrounding area home, call Star Electric Co. today at 210-679-7245.

The Advantages of Dimmer Switches

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